12 thoughts on “Color Efex Pro 4: Overlook

  1. This video is informative, but you could’ve cut down a lot of the time if you weren’t going through every preset on this addon. It seemed like you didn’t know the program all that well before recording this video. Also, no credits.

  2. Light and breezy voice adds to interest and fun. No introduction and no credits in the end. Should zoom in more. Good use of green and red arrows. Has one double headed arrow on a green line. Pretty cool. Too much pausing, Sorry Miles. There was one little bleep I dedected on the video; maybe it was a cut. Instructions on filters are good.

  3. This tutorial wandered all over the place. There are a great many filters available with Nik Color Efex. I still need more information to figure out a work flow. Wonder why I did not see change when using the sliders, and why I would use a High Key and Low Key on the same photo. The lower area was used in Loupe mode and not histogram mode. Seeing you on the screen didn’t really add to tutorial.

  4. Yay! I know that guy in the photo. Dude, Miles, you definitely need a script. I agree that you are entertaining and with a script, it would be awesome because it would be both effective and funny. Definitely could use some more editing. And Hedda pointed out the glitch at the end. However, the information was good and once the fluff is cut out, you will have a very effective video.

  5. Hey Miles, cutting down a bit would help a bit here but other than that I see that you put some creativity to work here 🙂 Your video was witty but at moments my focus was shifting since I’m not used to relaxed tutorials. Other than that you covered a lot of interesting and useful things this software is offering.

  6. First let me say that you had a very handsome model. Did you have to pay him a lot of $$$. I agree with the prior comments so enough said on that. I did think you got a lot of info across, some of which was the use of the filters and how quickly you could swap effects. You also showed how you could effect a small area with the outline (?) tool; where you increase and decrease the areas effected by the programs presets and individual adjustments. Good job!

  7. Unique approach Miles….but kinda long and felt like you needed a script…..glad you had fun with it though!

  8. I wish there was a title section to get us started, but the intro was kinda silly and fun. I think there was some rambling in the first few minutes, but I don’t think you have to get rid of it, I just thought it would be fun and fit if you speed up the tape until you got to a crucial bit. When you get into the control points we get a good explanation and a great visual without it being too serious. I remember seeing people in the back walk through, and thinking “I wish he’d planned it that way and had them dress up in costumes.” I think if you kept the humor but trimmed it a little, you’d get a young cult following! 😀

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